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“Tower in Moonlight”

The hart leads them far into the woods, fleeing through the trees while the hounds nip at its heels and the horses thunder behind, until the path is lost, lost, and familiar lands are no more than a memory, and then it runs still more. One by one the huntsmen and hounds fall away, until only the young lord pursues, on his weary, lathered horse, and then even that noble beast founders, crashing to the forest floor with an inhuman scream of pain, sending the young lord to the ground.


As this is the fourth story of the Monstrous Beauty set, the drill is pretty familiar by now: fairy tale, done dark and twisted, I listened to “Libera Me” off the soundtrack for Interview with the Vampire while writing it. This particular installment came out in issue #6 of Shroud Magazine, the same folks who published the anthology containing “Kiss of Life”.