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Onyx Court

In between the big fence-posts of the Onyx Court novels, I’ve begun to weave a framework of shorter fiction, filling in the centuries of the court’s existence. Some of the stories explore the lives of secondary characters from the novels; others play with historical events. I have ideas for a great many more than are listed here, but for now, I’m confining myself to the existing pieces and the unwritten ones that actually have titles.

A chronology, showing both novels and shorter stories:

* The stories marked with an asterisk are tangentially related to the Onyx Court: they involve fae-type-stuff, but do not reference any characters from the series, and are separated in some fashion (“Two Pretenders” by time period, as it pre-dates the court, and “Oak Apple Night” by location, as it takes place in Shropshire). Nevertheless, I consider them to be in continuity, if of a very understated sort.