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Within the Shreds, a rumor goes around that Last has died. But who really was Last? Lying liar, or heroic savior? A mercenary, a charlatan, a legend? A man, an immortal — perhaps even a god?

Ever since I published the first Driftwood story, people have been asking me whether I’d ever consider writing a novel set there. My answer was always no, for an unusual reason: because Driftwood is inherently a place of fragments, the large, coherent structure of a novel felt like fundamentally the wrong approach to storytelling in that setting.

But there’s a way around that. Call it a fixup if you want — a book assembled out of pre-existing shorter material — or a mosaic novel, with the story being told through many voices and many sub-tales. Driftwood (italicized version, not quotation marks) is something of both. It’s made up of the short stories I’ve written already, plus a novelette-length tale that’s new, and it’s all stitched together with a frame that gives context and greater meaning to the pieces within it.

Which makes the text kind of like Driftwood itself.

It’s the brainchild of myself and the fine people at Tachyon Publications, and right now it’s scheduled for publication on August 14th, 2020.