Although most of my short fiction stands alone, every novel series I’ve written to date has at least one related story, listed here.


    Rook and Rose

  • “As Tight as Any Knot”
    Ondrakja had a sharp eye for valuable things . . . like the girl begging on the corner of the Uča Idvo. (Takes place before the series.)
  • “The Faces and the Masks”
    In every labyrinth in Vraszan stand the Faces and the Masks. (An unrelated story in the same world.)
  • “Constant Ivan and Clever Natalya”
    Of three parts is every story woven: the warp, the weft, and the fabric they make together. (An unrelated story in the same world.)
  • “Pearl’s Price”
    A novelette about the downfall of Kaius Rex and the creation of the legendary, immortal outlaw who defends Nadežra to this day. (Takes place before the series.)




  • “The City of the Tree”
    The tree dominated everything. The sky above, the sea below, the earth on which it stood, and the city that sheltered beneath its leaves. (An unrelated story in the same world.)



  • “The Bottle Tree”
    Julian and Neeya cope with the deep shield — or fail to cope — in different ways. (Takes place before the series.)
  • “Welcome to Welton”
    Freshman year at Welton University gets off on a very strange foot. (Takes place before the series.)



Stories related to the Onyx Court have their own page.