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Legend of the Five Rings

I’ve written quite a bit for Legend of the Five Rings, but most of it has been short fiction for the ongoing metaplot of the game. To my delight, though, the company that owns L5R has expanded into novellas and even novels, which gives me more freedom to explore different corners of the setting, and at greater length.

The Night Parade of 100 Demons

Chaos has broken out in the isolated Dragon Clan settlement of Seibo Mura. On the nights of the full moon, horrifying creatures rampage through the village, unleashing chaos and death. When the Dragon samurai Agasha no Isao Ryōtora is sent to investigate, he faces even more dangers than he expected. In order to save the village, he will have to confront his buried past – not to mention an unexpected visitor from the Phoenix Clan, Asako Sekken, who has his own secrets to hide . . .

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The Market of 100 Fortunes

I will be writing a third and final novel in my Legend of the Five Rings series, called The Market of 100 Fortunes! It will most likely be out in early 2024; I will update here once I have more specifics.

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The Eternal Knot

The monks of the Togashi Order are known for their wisdom, their strength, their mystery, and the superhuman powers they gain from their unique tattoos. For Togashi Kazue, completing her training is only the beginning—discovering the true power of her enigmatic tattoo may be the true test.

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Imperfect Land

A Legend of the Five Rings adventure that takes the player-characters into the heart of an intense religious conflict, with the chance to either transform their society or break its spiritual heart in two.

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