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In the late twentieth century, everything changed.

Out of nowhere, half the adult population across the world suddenly manifested psychic gifts. Telepathy, telekinesis, a dozen forms of magic — all at once, and all uncontrolled. The resulting chaos claimed countless lives, destroyed entire cities, before people learned to master their new abilities.

A few generations later, the world is a new place. The gifted have integrated their abilities into every corner of society, from medicine to movies. Magic can even be studied at college . . .

Lies and Prophecy

There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and prophecy.

Kim never had to wonder what to major in at college. Her talent for divination made her future clear in more ways than one. But there are limits to what even a gifted seer can predict, and no card reading or prophetic dream can prepare Kim for what’s to come during her junior year at Welton…

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Chains and Memory

Manifestation was only the beginning.

Last autumn Kim and Julian stood at the center of a storm. Now they face a challenge closer to home: a battle over the laws governing wilders. Many feel that change should wait until the current upheaval has ended . . . but Kim sees opportunity in the chaos, a chance to free Julian and all his kind from the chains of the deep shield that locks their gifts away.

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