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Doppelganger reborn!

cover art for THE DOPPELGANGER OMNIBUSLadies and gentlemen, the Doppelganger series is back!

I mean, it technically never went anywhere. But in the decade-plus since it was published, it was getting harder and harder to find the books, and so for the last year or so my agent and I have been working on getting the rights reverted to me. Once that happened, we turned around and produced some shiny! new! ebooks! Not only of Warrior and Witch, but also the prequel novella Dancing the Warrior, and then for those who prefer to get the whole thing in one fell swoop, there’s an omnibus edition that contains all three titles.

(Note that I did these through my agency, so if you’re used to picking up my ebooks through Book View Cafe, they are not on sale there. You can, however, get them from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Google Play, iTunes, and Kobo, as well as Indigo in Canada and Amazon in the UK.)

Tune in for the thrilling conclusion!

The second half of Dancing the Warrior has gone live.

If you missed the first half, it’s here. If you missed the post about what this story is, that’s over here. If you want to know the story behind the story — i.e. where this thing came from — that’s up on my website. And if you’re interested in winning a signed copy of both doppelganger novels, but haven’t yet chimed in on the comment thread with your Hunter name, never fear; there will be a second drawing two weeks from now.


Not a third book, but it will have to do.

Five years ago this month, my first novel was published, under its original title of Doppelganger.

In celebration of that anniversary, I dusted off — by which I mean “rewrote from the ground up” — an old novella related to that series, and sold it to Beneath Ceaseless Skies. The first part of Dancing the Warrior just went live, and the second part will be going up in two weeks, with the next issue.

But wait! There’s more!

You can enter to win a signed set of both doppelganger novels (the new edition, wherein they are known as Warrior and Witch). I’ll be giving away two sets, one for each half of the story. All you have to do is comment on the story thread, telling me what your Hunter name would be. Full rules are here; the important bit is that you do need to be a registered forum user, so that we can properly identify entrants. But registration is quick and easy.

Five years. Jeebus. Where did they go?


My author copy of the German omnibus edition of Doppelgänger and Hexenkrieger just showed up. It’s hardcover, and has new cover art and everything! Verra shiny, sez I.

a few fictive things

First, I’ve been given the go-ahead to announce the sale of my novelette “La Molejera” to Paraspheres 2. Yay!

Second, I neglected to mention the other week that Newton Compton will be publishing Warror and Witch in Italian. Also yay!

Third, and unrelated to my own writing, Janni Lee Simner is running a really cool contest for her upcoming book Thief Eyes, based on the Icelandic Njal’s Saga. I thought it was nifty enough to demand a signal boost. 🙂 Janni read part of this at World Fantasy, and it sounds like it will be a great book.

What better way to fight diabetes than with books?

I meant to post this yesterday: Brenda Novak’s Online Auction to Benefit Diabetes Research. It’s an annual thing, apparently, and this year they contacted me to see if I’d like to donate. You can find me under Historical Fiction (a signed set of Midnight Never Come and In Ashes Lie) and Sci Fi and Fantasy (ditto Warrior and Witch), but more to the point, you can also find goodies by lots and lots of people who aren’t me. Not all of them are books, either.

The auction is huge, and it all goes to a good cause, so poke your nose on over there and see if you can’t find something for you or someone in your life.

Round two

Question the fourth: What’s your daily/weekly routine like now out in the Land of Sunshine and Magic?

Answer the fourth: I don’t really have one yet. I despise living among boxes, so the last four weeks have been spent alternating between a madness of unpacking and a madness of novel-finishing, with no particular structure. (Interspersed with the occasional bit of flopping on the couch to watch Supernatural with kurayami_hime and kniedzw.)

I do, however, intend to get into more of a regular routine, and in fact I have a series of posts planned on that exact topic. So stay tuned for adventures in the life of I’m A Full-Time Writer Now.


Question the fifth: What are you doing to keep your idea inputs levels where you want them?

Answer the fifth: I assume this means, how do I keep feeding my mind so it will come up with ideas? At the moment, I lack sufficient brain to process much in the way of non-fiction, so I’ve just been catching up on a variety of novels and TV shows — feeding the mind with fiction. But that’s because I’ve been way overworked for a few months now; once I’ve regenerated a few grey cells, I’m planning on resuming a practice I had a few years ago, wherein I tried to read some of the nonfiction accumulated on my shelves. I may, for example, go on a kick of reading about ancient China, because there’s a series of short stories I’d like to write that requires research in that direction. Or, y’know, that book over there about the Mongols, just because I don’t know much about them. Or whatever.

But yes — if I want to get much out of my brain, I am going to have to be careful to keep feeding it. Grad school used to take care of that for me, but I haven’t been in classes for two years now; it’ll be up to me to keep the food supply going.


Question the sixth: Will you be writing any more books in the world of Warrior and Witch?

Answer the sixth: You know, one of these days I’ll do the smart thing and post the answer to this question on my website. I’m kind of afraid to know how many times I’ve answered it in e-mail.

So here it is in a blog post: I’m not currently planning to, no. Yes, there’s the question of the younger generation, and the Cousins, and Mirei and Eclipse (though I rather feel like where that one’s going is obvious), but none of that is a conflict. It’s just consequences to the work the characters have already completed, and that does not an exciting book make. If I come up with a conflict that excites me? Sure. My publisher would have been happy for me to do a third book two years ago, and I don’t imagine it would be terribly difficult to convince them to take one later on — not so long as the first two keep selling. But I finished the story I was telling; I’d have to come up with a new one before I’d sign on for another installment.

The closest thing I have to an idea is much smaller and more personal, and it keeps stubbornly resisting my attempts to make it grow enough plot to be a worthwhile book. But if such a book ever happens, the likeliest scenario is that it will take place about ten years later, and it will be about Indera. I think she’s up in Kalistyi somewhere, under another name, doing something else entirely with her life — not sure what — and I know she would run into whatever Amas/Hoseki is calling herself by then. Because if there’s one question I want answered, as the author, it’s what would happen when Indera comes face-to-face with her. (And, I suppose, how Indera has come to terms with herself. Or failed to do so. Whichever.)

Or maybe I could make it be a short story, though it’s hard to imagine writing it in a fashion that doesn’t require the reader to be familiar with the novels. Anyway. The idea sits in the back of my head, and if one day it jumps up and starts waving its arms, it’ll get written. But poking it with a stick isn’t getting it anywhere, so I leave it alone.


Go here to ask me more!

new faces for old books

I got cover flats for the re-issues of Doppelganger and Warrior and Witch yesterday, and in looking today, I see that Amazon has them listed. So if you’ve been curious about them, they’ve been recast as Warrior and Witch — not the most original retitling ever, but man, I tried and failed to come up with anything better. At least this way it’s easy to tell the books go together, both in terms of titling and covers. (And no, they didn’t just flip the picture over for the new cover, though obviously it is meant to be extremely simliar. It is a new picture.)

So yeah. August street date for those, both at the same time, so anybody who finds me via Midnight Never Come will easily be able to lay their hands on other stuff I’ve written. I have no idea if the old versions will get pulled when that happens, of if they’ll coexist for a little while on the shelves. At least they’ve printed on the backs of both that they’re reissues of old titles, so people won’t feel like we’re trying to pull a fast one on them; also, they’ve made the sequel’s cover copy a little bit less spoilericious. Not completely so, but I’m not sure it’s possible to write useful cover copy for it that won’t have any spoilers.

It’ll be neat to see myself suddenly jump up to a more substantial shelf presence, with three books out there at once. I don’t know what quantities they’ll be shipping of any of them, but it should be pretty good.

after-action report

I think I enjoy World Fantasy more every year, as I learn more of how I best operate there. When I first show up, I’m pretty useless: bad at recognizing faces I haven’t seen in a year, bad at worming my way into conversations, bad at social small talk. Warming up takes a while. But I know that now, so I don’t feel stressed by the usual “oh god I can’t find anybody I know and my foot is looking for opportunities to get into my mouth and I’m not having fun yet.” I’ll get there. It just takes time. By Friday I’m doing better, and now I know that my mental list of panels I’d like to see doesn’t even reach the status of guidelines, let alone actual rules; I’ll go if I feel inclined, but if on my way there I get waylaid by a conversation, whatever. I said this weekend, and I really mean it, that I go to WFC for the conversations. For the lunches and dinners and hallways and relatively quiet corners of room parties where I can get into discussions of Mesoamerican kingship, recent TV series, Kit Marlowe’s sexuality, butt-shot urban fantasy covers, gender issues in SFWA, and the abominations of Leviticus, to name a few topics of the last few days.

By Friday night I’m doing pretty good. Saturday’s usually a swimming success. At some point on Sunday I’ll start to hit my limit: I’m ready to put on my headphones and bury my nose in a book for the trip home. And that’s okay, too.

But it isn’t all cookie-cutter routine, either. Every year I expand the circle of people I know. And this year featured the new experience of increased contact with folks from my publisher, specifically members of the publicity departments in the US and UK. I got trotted out for a lunch with some of the book-buyers for Borders, not as the featured attraction, but to smile and make small contributions to the conversation; mostly I learned quite a bit about how the publisher sells the books to the store, before the store sells them to the customer. And I discovered that the publicity guys Have Plans for Midnight Never Come. Not national-tour level plans, but we all agreed that’s not even a good idea for someone at my stage of things. Cool website plans, though, most definitely. I don’t know how much of it will turn out to be pie-in-the-sky, but I love the notions we were batting around.

Speaking of that book, I got anecdotal proof of the quality of its cover: people were very eager to pick it up and look at it, including some total strangers during the autographing session. (And with nearly a dozen people spontaneously approving of the author photo on the back, I am finally reassured I managed to get a non-crappy picture of myself. Readers will expect me to look like that for the next thirty years, I imagine.)

And hey! Amazon has it listed for pre-order. I was going to say “at last,” but really, the book isn’t coming out for seven months. They’re plenty early. So anyway, that’s one benchmark passed. (And apparently that thing I wrote up for my editor back in June was the cover copy. Wish I’d known that then . . . though it holds up okay, despite having been written when less than a third of the book was done.)

Put all that together with a royalty statement that tells me Doppelganger and Warrior and Witch are both still doing bang-up business, and right now? Things are looking pretty good.