a blast from (my own) past

Recently Jim Hines has been doing a “First Book Friday” series on his blog, inviting authors to tell the story of how they sold their first novel. This week, I’m up to bat, talking about how Doppelganger (later known as Warrior got sold to Warner Aspect, almost six years ago.

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  1. elizaeffect

    Yaaaaay, I remember when we were at ICFA and, IIRC, you’d just gotten an offer on the second book? Okay, I don’t remember any of it very well but I recall that everyone was STOKED. 😀

  2. jimhines

    I was rereading your post, and you and I both had a six-year window from writing the book to seeing it in print.

    Kind of scary how fast the time goes, looking back. (Though it felt soooooooo slow at the time!)

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