Sprechen sie Deutsch?

Woke up to the delightful news that Luebbe, a German publisher, has made an offer for both
Doppelganger and Warrior and Witch. I’ve always been tickled by the idea of a
German translation of Doppelganger — all they have to do is slap an umlaut back on the
title and it’s good to go! (The title is, anyway. The rest of the book would need some
actual translation.)

This also highlights two interesting facts about the Life of the Writer. First, foreign
sales are your friends, because then people give you more money without you having to write
more books. It isn’t much, but by such things do writers make their livings. Second, this is
why one acquires an agent. Every so often you get new writers kvetching over the way agents
take a cut off the money their clients earn, but they absolutely deserve it; I wouldn’t have
the first clue how to start marketing translation rights to my novels. (Let alone all the
other useful things an agent does.)

So, life is pretty good.

Now back to work, I suppose.

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  1. anghara

    Congratulations! Enjoy!

  2. jimhines

    Congratulations! They’re doing some wonderful things for Goblin Quest, including a kick-ass new cover. So far, they seem like a great publisher! Can’t wait to see what your books look like in German 🙂

  3. nconstruct

    Its the getting of a good agent. I’ve know a few artists get nowhere because they weren’t being marketed.

    • Marie Brennan

      This is true. I’m responding more to the idea that the “hard part” is finding a publisher to buy your book, and if you can do that without an agent, why get one? There’s plenty of good answers to that.

  4. kitsune_zen

    And the “wahooties” keep coming!

    Heh…and did you notice, I’ve already got people signing up to be in the Doppelganger tabletop. No, I am not really running that game.

    But I do think I found the title music for Halcyon. And interestingly, the fox is considering playing.

    Now, back to my own writing.

  5. selenya


    That’s awesome. Those wacky Germans love their fantasy, too!

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