Happy Street Date Day!

Today is the official street date for Warrior and Witch. Not that this means all that much, since bookstores are rarely rigorous about enforcing such things, but y’know. Go buy the book. ^_^

Also today — since they put up their new issue on the first of the month — you can go read my interview with Sequential Tart. Mostly they do comics stuff, but the Culture Vultures cover other material, and one of them was kind enough to get in touch with me. Writing, gaming, academic life — the interview covers it all.

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  1. jimhines

    “Go buy the book.”

    Can’t. Sorry. Already picked it up last night. And turned the other copies face-out for ya 🙂

    I’ve got one other book to finish up, then I’ll be diving in on W&W.


  2. moonandserpent

    Fun interview. The Tarts are good people… I highly approve.

    Although, any chance I could borrow the Tuvan Throat Singing CD?

  3. ninja_turbo

    It cracks me up that the pic used is one of Roberts’ from the Changeling game.

    You could use that as your ‘author portrait’ pic and it’d be hilarious. Not because the picture is bad or anything, just the several degrees of extra context it’d have for me.

    Good interview.

    • Marie Brennan

      The interviewer suggested a picture of me from a con or a game, or a magazine cover; the cover seemed boring, and I don’t have any worthwhile con shots.

      But yes. 🙂

  4. kitsune_zen

    Good interview. I’m curious about the YA project. Any spoilers you can give?

  5. akashiver

    Neat interview. And I too thought it was fun to see the Morwen photo, ’cause gosh-darn it it’s cool.

  6. d_c_m

    Ghee!!!! I bought a copy yesterday. : )*shimmies with joy*

  7. odanuki

    Book buying. Check.

  8. lightwhispers

    Grabbed it already. Love it!

  9. princess706

    Excellent interview!!

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