Round two

Question the fourth: What’s your daily/weekly routine like now out in the Land of Sunshine and Magic?

Answer the fourth: I don’t really have one yet. I despise living among boxes, so the last four weeks have been spent alternating between a madness of unpacking and a madness of novel-finishing, with no particular structure. (Interspersed with the occasional bit of flopping on the couch to watch Supernatural with kurayami_hime and kniedzw.)

I do, however, intend to get into more of a regular routine, and in fact I have a series of posts planned on that exact topic. So stay tuned for adventures in the life of I’m A Full-Time Writer Now.


Question the fifth: What are you doing to keep your idea inputs levels where you want them?

Answer the fifth: I assume this means, how do I keep feeding my mind so it will come up with ideas? At the moment, I lack sufficient brain to process much in the way of non-fiction, so I’ve just been catching up on a variety of novels and TV shows — feeding the mind with fiction. But that’s because I’ve been way overworked for a few months now; once I’ve regenerated a few grey cells, I’m planning on resuming a practice I had a few years ago, wherein I tried to read some of the nonfiction accumulated on my shelves. I may, for example, go on a kick of reading about ancient China, because there’s a series of short stories I’d like to write that requires research in that direction. Or, y’know, that book over there about the Mongols, just because I don’t know much about them. Or whatever.

But yes — if I want to get much out of my brain, I am going to have to be careful to keep feeding it. Grad school used to take care of that for me, but I haven’t been in classes for two years now; it’ll be up to me to keep the food supply going.


Question the sixth: Will you be writing any more books in the world of Warrior and Witch?

Answer the sixth: You know, one of these days I’ll do the smart thing and post the answer to this question on my website. I’m kind of afraid to know how many times I’ve answered it in e-mail.

So here it is in a blog post: I’m not currently planning to, no. Yes, there’s the question of the younger generation, and the Cousins, and Mirei and Eclipse (though I rather feel like where that one’s going is obvious), but none of that is a conflict. It’s just consequences to the work the characters have already completed, and that does not an exciting book make. If I come up with a conflict that excites me? Sure. My publisher would have been happy for me to do a third book two years ago, and I don’t imagine it would be terribly difficult to convince them to take one later on — not so long as the first two keep selling. But I finished the story I was telling; I’d have to come up with a new one before I’d sign on for another installment.

The closest thing I have to an idea is much smaller and more personal, and it keeps stubbornly resisting my attempts to make it grow enough plot to be a worthwhile book. But if such a book ever happens, the likeliest scenario is that it will take place about ten years later, and it will be about Indera. I think she’s up in Kalistyi somewhere, under another name, doing something else entirely with her life — not sure what — and I know she would run into whatever Amas/Hoseki is calling herself by then. Because if there’s one question I want answered, as the author, it’s what would happen when Indera comes face-to-face with her. (And, I suppose, how Indera has come to terms with herself. Or failed to do so. Whichever.)

Or maybe I could make it be a short story, though it’s hard to imagine writing it in a fashion that doesn’t require the reader to be familiar with the novels. Anyway. The idea sits in the back of my head, and if one day it jumps up and starts waving its arms, it’ll get written. But poking it with a stick isn’t getting it anywhere, so I leave it alone.


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