We have a winner!

Kasi Spyker wins the tuckerization contest, having sent me the following picture:

I think I’ll have to make her one of the senators or representatives that’s on the less shady side; “Spyker” as an antagonist’s name just wouldn’t be subtle. 🙂

For posterity, I will note that hers was not the first picture I received, but I told Kurayami-hime that family were disqualified. Nonetheless, it’s good to see that there are quite a few copies on the shelf in this store, and even one of Doppelganger:

Send me more pictures! I’d love to know where the book has already made it into the wild.

0 Responses to “We have a winner!”

  1. nconstruct

    Yet another book that is going to have to go on next month’s list. Damn you budget. Damn you to oblivion.

  2. gollumgollum

    Crap!1 Is it next week already???

    Congrats on Book #2. ^.^ Many many more.

  3. fallenrose

    Wish I’d gotten a better picture, but 1) the camera sucks and 2) the was something like the fifth or sixth attempt to take a pic and I was getting tired of smiling.
    But I am zooming through the book in my little spare time and I am loving it. ^_^

  4. ksumnersmith

    It’s at . I picked up a copy this afternoon. 🙂

  5. wolfheart17

    I don’t have a picture, but I picked up a copy at the Borders on Broadway just north of Wall St. in NYC.

  6. princess706


    gonna go shop today!

  7. ninja_turbo

    I don’t have a pic, but I picked up my special order from Smith Family Bookstore in Eugene, OR

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