Christmas in June

My god, is it that time already? I came home from lunch today to find a box on my doorstep, full of Advance Reader Copies of Warrior and Witch. Book ain’t coming out for three months, but apparently the ARCs are already in circulation. I shall have to think of something to do with them.

Then, about five minutes later, the doorbell rang. Found a box waiting on the porch, and in it — EEEEEE!!!!!! My costume for the second Concordia game is here. I cannot wait for that game. To hell with the plot; I just want to show off the pretty. ^_^

In other news, since I’m now registered and everything, I should mention that I’m going to be at Readercon next weekend. At present I’m not on the program (having decided way too late to go), but I’m going to e-mail them and volunteer to fill any holes they might find themselves with. Regardless, come say hi to me if you’re there.

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  1. d_c_m

    Yay you!! This all sounds just wonderfully exciting and good. Can’t wait to see your dress and your book. Uh maybe you could let a few of us touch one of your advanced copies. Maybe even sneak a read…

    And oh I so have to get you to sign my copy of “Doppelganger”!!

  2. kitsune_den

    It’s so pretty!

  3. kurayami_hime

    Does family qualify for an advance reader copy? I only ask for them, and not for myself, for they may be reluctant to play the “we brought you into this world card” for anything less than choosing what retirement home to send them to.

    This has nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that I know where they live. Nope. Not at all.

  4. moonandserpent

    Squee! Any chance I can get a preview? Of the costume, that is.

    Just to clarify.

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