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I’ll use my MNC icon, because two of the three have to do with that book.

First of all, the website for Chapters (Canadian book chain) now lists Midnight Never Come for sale, with a release date of June 9th. Amazon, though, has yet to post it.

Second, I got a proof copy of the front cover today, and it is indeed very pretty. They appear to have decided to do the title in gloss rather than foil, while the gloss on the floral pattern may or may not go away. The color is a lot richer than it seemed on the screen.

And thirdly, I finally have some concrete news about the intended reissue of Doppelganger and Warrior and Witch. The intent is to put them both out in August of next year, with a new cover for Doppelganger (to make it match W&W better), slightly different cover detailing for both, and — perhaps the biggest change — new titles! (I’m not positive yet what those will be; I’m waiting to see if my suggestion goes over or not.) The idea is to make them look more obviously related, since there’s frankly nothing on the cover of W&W as it stands that tells you it’s connected . . . until you read the back cover and get a giant spoiler.

Okay, back to work.

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  1. sora_blue

    Really, new titles? Wow!

    Oh, I had an opportunity to speak with Diane Walton of ON SPEC over the past weekend, and I can tell you that:

    1) They’re not certain when the Fall 2007 issue is going to print. They have started the layout.

    2) She couldn’t tell me off the top of her head if your story was in there or not, but I hope it is.

    • Marie Brennan

      Thanks for the update! I’m willing to be patient — I know they have to be more sparing with their use of U.S. authors — but I am eager to see “Nine Sketches” in print.

  2. unforth

    New…titles? Oh dear, I’m gonna end up confused. 😉 And now the collector in me is screaming that I’ll have to buy them again. Stupid collector, I need to hit him/her/it over the head.

    • Marie Brennan

      Yeah, that is the drawback of retitling books. Fortunately, at least in this case it’s happening soon enough after initial publication that most people will probably read the cover copy and realize that yes, they have read this book before.

      “Fortunately” from the viewpoint of not pissing off readers, that is. My royalty statements would prefer them to get suckered into rebuying both books. <g>

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