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Revolution has come to Starfall.

To some, Mirei is a savior. Born from the union of opposing forces, her existence offers a way to heal the division between warrior and witch, and brings powerful new magic into the world.

To others, Mirei is an abomination. She overturns the ancient traditions of the witches, threatening their stability and corrupting their magic with an influence that should be destroyed.

But even Mirei’s power is not enough to prevent a civil war. And while she struggles to reconcile Starfall’s opposing factions, a more insidious threat is building within her — because her newfound magic does not come without a price.

(This novel was previously issued under the title Warrior and Witch.)

Translated editions

  • German: Hexenkrieger
  • French: Sorcière


Wondering about a third book in the series? Read my statement on the matter — but click through only if you have read Witch, because of spoilers.

Want an extra-large version of the cover? You can find that here.