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When a witch is born, a doppelganger is created. For the witch to master her powers, the twin must be killed. Until now . . .

Mirei’s extraordinary magic makes her the most powerful witch alive. By some, she is hailed as a miracle, while others proclaim her to be an evil abomination . . . and vow to destroy those who champion her.

Now the different factions of witches engage in a bloody war, with magic, treachery, and murder. But both sides may be fighting for nothing. For the power that the rebel witches fear, the magic that Mirei alone possesses, is killing her.

(This novel was previously issued under the title Warrior and Witch.)

Translated editions

  • German: Hexenkrieger
  • French: Sorcière


Wondering about a third book in the series? Read my statement on the matter — but click through only if you have read Witch, because of spoilers.

Want an extra-large version of the cover? You can find that here.