Tune in for the thrilling conclusion!

The second half of Dancing the Warrior has gone live.

If you missed the first half, it’s here. If you missed the post about what this story is, that’s over here. If you want to know the story behind the story — i.e. where this thing came from — that’s up on my website. And if you’re interested in winning a signed copy of both doppelganger novels, but haven’t yet chimed in on the comment thread with your Hunter name, never fear; there will be a second drawing two weeks from now.


0 Responses to “Tune in for the thrilling conclusion!”

  1. stevie_carroll

    I really enjoyed that story.

  2. lady_jade_01

    I’d leave a comment over there, but I already have too many places I need to log in to….*laugh* ‘course now I have to find my copies and re-read them.


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