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Trans activism, language, and Yuletide

I know, I know — that’s a very motley assortment of things to stick in one post. But I’m going out of town tomorrow, and the rest of today is liable to be very busy, so I’d rather combine them than let one fall through the cracks.

The serious and important one first: I have signed on to this statement in support of trans-inclusive feminism. Because I know several people for whom this is not a matter of theory or debate, but their daily lives, and anything I can do to make that easier for them is absolutely worth doing.

Signing a statement is a minor thing, but I hope that mentioning it here is a larger one. And yes, I am thinking about ways to reflect this in my writing.

On a lighter note, my post at SF Novelists this month is “Lingua universalis fantasiae”, on the tendency of fantasy worlds to default to a “Common Tongue.” Comments on that post should go over there on SF Novelists, por favor.

Finally, and most frivolously, Yuletide nominations are open. Yes, I know it’s only September; we’re on a leisurely schedule this year, rather than cramming everything into November. The Yuletide member community is here as usual, if you are looking for more info and discussion.

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I don’t have to work on anything right now, so I’m procrastinating with a meme

Several of my fanfic-writing friends have been doing a meme wherein they post the first lines of their last twenty-one fics. Because I don’t feel like doing anything more mentally taxing right now than faffing around on the computer listening to music, and also because that’s a lie and Anthropologist Brain is having thinky thoughts but doesn’t mind listening to music while faffing around collating stuff, I’m going to do this twice: once with fanfic, and then once with my original short stories. I want to see how they compare.

Fanfic first!

Not Prime Time

Just a quick heads-up, for those of you who like this kind of thing: Not Prime Time, a fanfic exchange for medium-sized fandoms, is open for nominations until Friday. The exchange itself will give you about two months to write, starting around the end of April.

(Medium-sized fandom: too big for Yuletide, too small to be ENORMOUS.)

The timing of this coincides nicely with my revision, which is to say, I’ll be sending that off next Monday and then looking to kick back with something fluffy for a little while. So yes, I intend to participate.

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the annual Yuletide guessing post

You have more chances than usual this year to guess what I wrote for Yuletide. If you guess right, you get, uh, bragging rights? And, I dunno — let’s say I’ll mail you a cover flat of A Natural History of Dragons if you want one, since I have a whole stack of them now, and no idea what else to do with them. 🙂

Clues behind the cut

Yuletide signups

Forgot to mention: Yuletide signups are now open. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, there’s a FAQ here that explains a lot. (And also this, but it’s kind of more “entertainingly helpy” than “actually helpful.”)

Signups will be open until the 28th. Further updates will be posted on (official) and (community); also, this post is worth keeping an eye on.

Yuletide is a lot of fun, and includes many things you might not class as “fanfic” in the normal way of things. I encourage people to check it out!