Yuletide fic is a go! Now where is it going . . . .?

I’ve finally started on my Yuletide fic — started properly, I mean, and not just the fifty words I slapped down a few days ago because I felt like I really ought to have made more progress by now. Found the right tone for the story today, and at least some of the right format; I say “some of” because this is a decidedly odd story, from a decidedly odd source, and it remains to be seen whether the approach I’m taking will sustain the thousand-word minimum for Yuletide. Possibly not, in which case I’ll need to find something else to slide into the break-points that have been appearing along the way. But I’m not yet sure what that should be.

Structure is so often the kicker, ain’t it? I’ve started a treat, too, because I got mugged by an idea for something else, and that one mostly needs me to figure out what beats have to happen, in what order. Now that my subconscious has chewed on my assignment enough to start swallowing some of it (ew — not the best metaphor ever), the treat is going on the back-burner, but I think both of them are going to turn out very well, in very different ways.

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  1. rachelmanija

    I have a structure. What I do not have is a plot. Uh-oh…

    • maratai

      do your structures respond to the blow something up, see what falls out method of kickstArting plot? sometimes works for me.–yhl

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