holy crap

<hands on hips>

Okay, who is/are the overachiever(s) that already uploaded three fics to the Yuletide collection? FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, PEOPLE, ASSIGNMENTS WENT OUT A FEW HOURS AGO.

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  1. beccastareyes

    I hang out in the #yuletide channel, and since folks were posting their letters, people had already started writing treats. If you happened to have picked out a person to write a treat for who turned out to be a match…

    (As for me, I’m not starting until I do a canon review).

  2. sartorias

    I suspect people started writing treats as soon as the spreadsheet went live.

  3. maratai

    Wow…I’m fast, but I’ve never been that fast. I was going to start source review today. (Thankfully, this year I only signed up for quickly-reviewable sources as my time may be limited.)

  4. carbonel

    Probably the same people who snatch pinch-hit assignments so quickly that there’s no point in watching the list except in real-time.

    Maybe I’ll just check the DYW post for something promising and write a treat instead…

  5. rachelmanija

    Since you can edit right up to the deadline, I suspect that those may be very, very, very rough drafts.

    That being said, I was so thrilled with my assignment that I started writing a bit of it last night.

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