“The Aurors” signup closes tomorrow

Tomorrow evening at 8 p.m. EST, I think, though to be honest it actually closes whenever I get around to editing the settings, so it’ll probably be some time after that. Anyway, you have another thirty hours or so to sign up.

Don’t remember what I’m talking about? Here’s the blurb:

Are you fan of cop dramas on TV? Is Mad-Eye Moody one of your favorite Harry Potter characters? Ever wish the series had chucked Quidditch in favor of more Defense Against the Dark Arts?

Then you would like The Aurors, the TV show that, alas, never existed. Except here, in fanfic form! This is a prompt meme inspired by that fan “trailer,” for readers and writers who would love to see a grittier, more adult Harry Potter, focused on the men and women (and possibly some non-humans, too) who defend both the wizarding and Muggle worlds against evil magic.

You have until January 8th to write your story, so don’t worry if Yuletide or other holiday obligations are breathing down your neck. And if you need an AO3 invite, just let me know; I have several.

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  1. Marie Brennan

    I don’t think I heard about Precinct 13. What is it?

    (Though I really shouldn’t ask, since it sounds like I’ll just be sad it didn’t get picked up.)

    • moonandserpent

      Sorry, it was 17th Precinct. Jamie Bamber, James Callis and Tricia Helfer as cops who deal with Magic cases – several of them being sorcerers themselves. From Ron Moore of BSG fame.

      (And it didn’t compete with Once… I had been misinformed.)

  2. queen_bellatrix


    Several of the prompts for this look absolutely phenomenal, and I would so very much appreciate an invite code so I could sign up, if you still have any?

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