The Aurors

Back on April Fool’s Day, somebody posted this video, a “trailer” for a TV show that doesn’t exist but should: “The Aurors.”

starlady38 tried to nominate it for Yuletide, but it didn’t make it through to the final list. However, that doesn’t stop us from doing RENEGADE YULETIDE RARRRR a private exchange of our own. If you’d be interested in writing, basically, a “cop drama” story set in the Harry Potter world, leave a comment here and let her know. We don’t have specifics yet, and there’s no commitment; this is just to get a rough head-count before working out the actual mechanics of the exchange.

. . . man, I would love to see that show be real. Alas, this is the closest I can come. 🙂

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  1. celestineangel

    How did I not know about this April Fool’s joke?

    I am with you on wanting it to be real, because the whole concept is just amazing. Rowling! BBC! GET ON THIS.

    • Marie Brennan


      They’ll never do it, of course. It would appall too many people to see HP adult-ified that way. But me, I would eat it up with a spoon.

  2. stevie_carroll

    That’s awesome. I don’t think I’ll have time to write, but I’d love to see what others manage to come up with.

  3. generalmanda

    *speechless* How did I not see that before? This is is all I want now.

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