for the Yuletide-interested

Fandom nominations have opened. If you haven’t been following the admin community, be aware there are some changes: three fandoms, four characters each, and only characters who have been nominated will be eligible for requests or offers. There’s a partial list of ineligible fandoms, as well as a post (with spreadsheet) for what people intend to nominate (so people can avoid duplication) and a post for what has been nominated so far (since the official list won’t be visible until it’s over).

You have until 21:30 EST (edit: on Monday, sorry to have left that bit out) to get your nominations in; signups will open soon after.

Happy Yuletiding!

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  1. nojojojo

    Thanks for the heads-up! I am attempting to sign up this year.

  2. lowellboyslash

    See also a beautiful spreadsheet of what’s been nominated so far.

  3. chomiji

    I’m a little confused: you say that we have until 21:30 EST to get our nominations in. You give no date, so I presume you mean today: Saturday, Nov. 12. But the Yuletide Admin site says “We’re going to let nominations run through Monday roughly 9:30PM Eastern US” [emphasis added]. That would be 21:30 two days from now, yes?

  4. pingback_bot

    Yuletide nominations are open!

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