The Aurors is happening!

No, not the TV show; the fic thing I mentioned before. If you were interested in participating — and btw, we’ve scheduled it so as not to land entirely atop Yuletide — details are inside the cut.

starlady38 and I decided to run this as a prompt meme, rather than a gift exchange, because it’s more flexible for all involved. What does that mean? Well, a gift exchange requires one-to-one matching, where we make sure everybody gets assigned a recipient, and a different writer is assigned to them, and then we have to worry about people defaulting. A prompt meme is more like communal brainstorming: your signup consists of prompts for potential stories, and then people “claim” those prompts (i.e. write fills for them). You can sign up without writing stories; you can write stories without signing up; you can write multiple stories if you want to, and multiple stories can be written to the same prompt. The end result is fic for everybody.

(One thing will be like a gift exchange, though: the stories won’t be revealed until they’re all in, and they’ll be anonymous at first; the authors will be revealed later.)

We’re running this on the AO3, so you do need an account to participate. However, if you don’t have one, give us the e-mail address you want it attached to, and we’ll send you an invite.

The page for the collection is here (with further details if you need them), and the signup form is in the left sidebar. You can also see other prompts that have been submitted, and click “Claim” for the one(s) you might like to write. Signups will remain open for a week, closing at 8 p.m. EST on December 8th; you can claim things at any time, but the deadline for the actual stories is 8 p.m. on January 8th (i.e. after the Yuletide rush). Authors will be revealed a week later.

Any questions, just let me know! And feel free to link this (or the collection page, which is probably more useful) anywhere you think people might be interested.

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  1. celestineangel

    AO3? o.o OH my. I am intimidated by AO3… I thought this would be run on LJ. Nnnneeerg… desire to participate warring with dislike of new things….

  2. celestineangel

    I’m honestly not sure, other than “it is new and unfamiliar, and I am a Taurus and do not like new things.”

    (It took me five years after learning about NaNo to participate, and “Once Upon a Time” is the first new TV show I’ve started watching in forever… I mostly watch reruns of “Charmed” and “Bones” and movies on DVD do not watch new things. I listen exclusively to music I’ve already DLed on my iPhone, do not listen to the radio, and the only new music I add to that collection is new music by bands/artists I already know. This is how bad I am with new things.)

    And it’s associated with Yuletide, which is big and scary and also intimidates me.

    But… I think I’ve decided that… for this, I will try it. ::still scared:: But that means I will need an invite.

  3. celestineangel

    (That’s all right. ^_^)

    When I said “it’s associated with Yuletide,” I meant AO3 itself. Sorry for not being clearer! 🙂

    And I actually don’t have any questions at the moment. Someone else sent me an invite, and since deciding to hold my breath and go for it, I’ve found it, as you said, extremely easy to navigate. There are differences to various other archive sites, but it’s fairly intuitive.

    The only thing I guess I’m fuzzy on is how, exactly, one would submit to something like this. I can see how there’s an option to fulfill the claim I’ve made, but I’m not sure if I would upload the fic first, or if I would hit that button, and that would allow me to fulfill, and how it’s supposed to be anonymous…. I mean, I’m far away from filling the claim at the moment, but I don’t want to mess it up when I do.

    • Marie Brennan

      Ah, yes — the AO3 is very closely associated with Yuletide (even though theoretically the challenge just happens to be run on that site, no official connection implied. Ha).

      If you click on the “fulfill” button, it takes you to the exact same page you would use to post a story normally, with one difference: it auto-fills a few relevant fields for you (in this case, the “fulfill a claim” field and the collection, which is aurors_fest). I believe you can also fill those fields in manually from the “post new” button, but it’s easier to go through the challenge setup, to make sure it ends up in the right place.

      • celestineangel

        Aaaah, nice. That’s good to know. And will it automatically post as anonymous, since it’s submitted through the “fulfill” button, or will there be a ticky box for that?

  4. celestineangel

    Okay! 😀 That pretty much answers my questions for now. As for the uploading process itself, I’ve been uploading fics, and it’s actually the easiest, most intuitive process of any site I’ve ever dealt with.

    Which is making me curse my usual tendencies, because why didn’t I beg someone for an invite way before this?? Sigh.

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  6. generalmanda

    I could use a AO3 invite if you don’t mind! pyratem at

    Can’t wait! This is going to be a blast!

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