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Deeds of Men giveaway

The plan is to give away one signed set of both Midnight Never Come and (in advance of publication) In Ashes Lie each week between now and the book release, and the first winner has been drawn. If you’ve already signed up, you’re still in the running; if you haven’t, head on over to the page for Deeds of Men and provide your e-mail address, and you too could get an early copy.

What better way to fight diabetes than with books?

I meant to post this yesterday: Brenda Novak’s Online Auction to Benefit Diabetes Research. It’s an annual thing, apparently, and this year they contacted me to see if I’d like to donate. You can find me under Historical Fiction (a signed set of Midnight Never Come and In Ashes Lie) and Sci Fi and Fantasy (ditto Warrior and Witch), but more to the point, you can also find goodies by lots and lots of people who aren’t me. Not all of them are books, either.

The auction is huge, and it all goes to a good cause, so poke your nose on over there and see if you can’t find something for you or someone in your life.

back on schedule

Today, you again get a Midnight Never Come tidbit, to whet your appetites for In Ashes Lie. (I have to get variety in here somehow.)

This time, it’s a look behind the scenes at the relationship between the novel, and the game it’s based on.

(It should go without saying, but: DO NOT FOLLOW THAT LINK IF YOU HAVEN’T READ THE BOOK. Spoilers abound. In abundance. Of aboundishness.)

While I’m at it, I’ll also link to something that’s been up on my site for a couple of days now: the first piece of Marie Brennan fan-art that I’m aware of. (tooth_and_claw — I don’t feel I can count commissioned or Memento-inspired pieces, or you’d be the first.) It’s a portrait of Lady Lune, painted by the British artist Mark Satchwill. The original is sitting on my desk as we speak, because of course I’m going to buy it — what kind of ego-stroked author do you think I am???

Enjoy, and I’ll have something else for you in ten days.

A day late

I meant to post this after getting home from ICFA last night, but got distracted. Eighty days seventy-nine days to the publication of In Ashes Lie, and today’s bit of added content . . . comes from Midnight Never Come, actually.

Long-time readers of this journal may recall that back when I drafted that book, I had to re-write a substantial chunk of Act One — basically Deven’s chunk of it, almost in its entirety. Therefore, in the spirit of the “deleted scenes” they put on some DVDs, you can read the original draft, complete with some notes about why it got replaced (and what I wish I could have kept).

There’s mild spoilers for MNC in the discussion of those scenes, so if you want to say and/or ask anything about them, I direct you to the spoiler thread for the novel; comment there instead of here.

What do I have to lose?

I wasn’t going to do this because my odds of ending up on the Hugo list are vanishingly small, but what the heck. If you’re eligible to nominate for the Hugos, here’s what I’ve published in 2008 that you might consider:

Midnight Never Come

Short stories
“Lost Soul” — Intergalactic Medicine Show #7, January 2008
“Kiss of Life” — Beneath the Surface, ed. Tim Deal, 2008
“The Deaths of Christopher Marlowe” — Paradox #12, April 2008
“Beggar’s Blessing” — Shroud Magazine #2, 2008
“A Mask of Flesh” — Clockwork Phoenix, ed. Mike Allen, July 2008
“Kingspeaker” — Beneath Ceaseless Skies #3, November 2008
“A Heretic by Degrees” — Intergalactic Medicine Show #10, November 2008

Relevant links for all of the above can be found here.

links to close out the year

Brief interview up at Reality Bypass, with me answering some questions and Lune answering a few more, a la Cat and Muse. Midnight Never Come has also ended up on a few people’s lists of their favorite books this year, which warms the cockles of my heart.

Also, since I have a few tabs that have been hanging around forever: another brief bit from me, more like a micro-guest blog than an interview, on the topic of crazy-ass research; and Darrin Turpin’s follow-up to my earlier post on monarchy in fantasy.

Happy New Year, all!

auction redux

I’ve had three of the MNC gift packages go already at the Buy It Now price, so I’ve reposted the auction, this time accepting bids only, but with extra goodies promised if the bids go high enough. Details here.

heads up!

I’m sure you all have your Christmas shopping done already, right? But in case you’re looking for a gift for that one last special person, head on over to the auctions. Not only are there many wonderful goodies for sale there, you can also buy a Midnight Never Come gift package, with a signed hardcover copy of the book and many other fun bits to go along. The auction ends at noon (Pacific time) on Thursday.