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With forty days to go until Midnight Never Come hits the shelves, I’ve posted the last portion of the excerpt. It’s a long one, so keep clicking through. (Alternatively, you can start back at the beginning.)

(Confidential to sora_blue: You can finally get the answer to your question from a month ago!)

That will actually be the last of the MNC promotional stuff for a while. I leave next week for London, where I will have many adventures researching the next book, and then I will be in the Mediterranean, trying to do no work at all. There will, however, be one last nifty thing, just before the book comes out. And in the interim, you will be getting the return of the trip-blogging, which I know many people enjoyed last year. So enjoy!

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  1. silme

    And I know it’s out in the UK already because I picked up a copy locally today! 🙂

    • Marie Brennan


      Weird. I just checked, and has two listings for the book. One is out in June. One is out, uh, five days ago. I was under the impression it was June in both countries.

      So, I’m confused. But happy! Yay book!

      (Except that now I can’t give you a copy as a thank-you present for the Vale trip. Curse you . . . .)

      • silme

        Couldn’t wait, sorry! 🙂 It’s okay. It’ll be fun going out to those places; I just hope the weather cooperates. The rumour is that this weekend will be good, which will be nice. It’s poured rain yesterday and today. May the weather clear up a bit for your visit!

        The local Waterstones, not a big one, had three copies of Midnight Never Comes on shelf, if that helps.

        • silme

          And they even had three copies of Midnight Never Come also. 😉

        • Marie Brennan

          Ah, the inside of a writer’s brain, where “eee! Three copies!” can collide at high speed with “oh noes! Only three copies!” such that both of them go flying and land on the floor in classic comedic style.

          As for the weather, well, I’ve been to England before. Last year’s research trip, one day it was in the forties and raining. One way or another, I’ll cope.

          • silme

            Ah, but this is a small Waterstones where multiple copies of books are rare unless they’re the latest Richard and Judy Book Club text or Katie Price’s latest ghostwritten book. (Yes, I really think that Waterstones has gone downhill. 🙂

            England is England. Today the high was 13 (55F) and rainy. I moved here from Colorado, so what with the humidity, I think those temperatures are warm. But I would prefer more sun. I bought wellies my second week living here. 😉

          • Marie Brennan

            In that case, yay! Three copies!

            Last year in London I found out the hard way that sneakers designed to let perspiration out also let rain in. I just bought new shoes last month, expressly so I could have something waterproof for this trip. They’re not wellies, but they’ll do.

          • silme

            I don’t wear wellies in town; they’re too uncomfortable. They’re saved for mud out in rural areas. 🙂

  2. sora_blue

    Oh, the he from our italics! YAY!

    Another great excerpt. I like Lune’s glamour-crafting paragraph a lot. That’s part of the enchantment of the excepts, that the human world and the fae world are equally solid.

    • Marie Brennan

      Tim Holman at Orbit said much the same thing in an interview at one point. I don’t know that I consciously thought of it that way at any point, but I’m very glad that was the effect — and from now on I’ll be sure to keep it up.

  3. mizkit

    Bwah. Beautiful cover, and I’m looking forward to reading this. No wonder your brain broke a little when you read THE QUEEN’S BASTARD. *laughs*

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