Happy Book Day!

It’s late enough at night/early enough in the morning that I’m going to break my usual rule (it isn’t the next day until the sun has risen or you’ve slept), and declare the beginning of Midnight Never Come Book Day!

(If I’d really been on the irony ball, I’d’ve announced it at midnight.)

So: today you can officially walk into a bookstore and expect to find the book! Borders appears to be stocking it in what I consider to be large quantities, with copies both in the SF/F section (remember to look for a trade paperback) and — at least in this town — on the “New in Fiction” rack. Which is awesome.

As of today, you can also enter the competition! Short form is, there will be a series of mini-puzzles, for which there are hints scattered around the site. (Not all new or changed content is a hint, though; I sent in some belated modifications for the site, which are being instituted as fast as they can manage.) For every question you answer right, you will be entered into the contest. Check back regularly for updates!

Also, don’t forget my own mini-competition: if you send me a picture of my book in the wild, you’ll be eligible to win a copy of my short story “The Deaths of Christopher Marlowe.” You can post those here, or e-mail them to me at marie dot brennan at gmail dot com.


Review dump:

The verdict is in from Locus, and they liked me. “Brennan ably combines elements of danger, romance, and individual moral choices that could affect the fates of great realms, for a tale that’s rich in plot and character. She interweaves historic and fantastic details with scholarship, inspired acts of imagination, and a keen wit.” That’s another one to hug close and grin idiotically over.

John Ottinger at Grasping for the Wind has a few criticisms, but on the whole he enjoyed it: “Brennanโ€™s ability to maintain historical accuracy while writing an exciting and fast-paced novel filled with elves, fairies, the Wild Hunt, and brownies makes this story worth reading.”

I don’t believe I remembered to quote from the Romantic Times review before. They gave it four stars, and said “This story of courtiers from different but parallel kingdoms is ripe with palace intrigue, Machiavellian double dealing and star-crossed love.”

I’ve also collected a couple of Amazon reviews, one two-star from a disappointed reader who prefers my first two books, one five-star from someone who enjoyed it a lot.


Not a review: I’m guest-blogging today for miladyinsanity, talking about travel and book research.

Happy Book Day!

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  1. mirrorred_star

    I think the bookstore said it wouldn’t it in until July ๐Ÿ™ I have an odd feeling that Amazon UK may have jumped in early ‘coz they can.

    Also, because I’m in Aussieland, it might just be that we’re getting it later because someone in publishingland just doesn’t like us.

    I’ll go ask again. Also, I don’t know exactly how much its going to cost me.

    But Happy Book Day!

    • Marie Brennan

      You could try checking with Rendezvous Books; they contacted me a little while ago and said they were making a specific point of stocking all three of my novels in Australia.

  2. mrissa

    Amazon says mine has shipped.

  3. thespisgeoff

    You were prominently displayed in the “New Fiction” section at the Pensacola Barnes and Noble yesterday.

    I did not take a picture.

    But I did take a copy.

  4. akashiver

    Hey, I just saw an ad for MNC on facebook, of all places.

  5. Anonymous


    Thanks for the link to my review. I thoroughly enjoyed your work, and hope many people look past the minor criticisms and buy a copy, because it is an enjoyable read.

    Hope you enjoy your book day and have lots of sales!

  6. sora_blue

    Happy Book Day!

    They had it at the B N here in LA last week. It’s such a pretty, pretty book.

  7. kitsunealyc

    Happy book day, and enjoy the drive to that wonderful land of magic and glamour. Avoid Nebraska.

  8. archangl23

    Welcome to the Windy City!

    So there I was at the Borders on the Magnificent Mile
    when I thought to myself, “Well, someone is having a Book Day.”
    So I strolled inside, and sure enough, found this:

    The other two were conveniently stocked on the opposite shelf. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Congrats! Happy Book Day!!!

  9. airycat

    new fan

    I came via a link (clicked new tab earlier today and after being interrupted, now don’t remember who, but maybe jimhines). I read the excerpt on the books website and am hooked. As per your request on your user page, I’m commenting to let you know I’m a potential fan, not someone you know in any way and not a stalker.

  10. sarcastibich

    I saw it in the “New Fiction” section at Border’s at Castleton Mall. Shiny!

  11. booksavvy

    I’d leave a picture of the copies that the Borders here in Bloomington, IN have… but it would probably be a moot point, wouldn’t it? ๐Ÿ™‚

    ::runs off to read her signed copy… be jealous!::

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