Possibly the Best Monday Morning EVAR

If I have to be jolted awake by my alarm on a Monday morning when I don’t really want to be up yet . . .

. . . then this is the sort of thing I want waiting for me when I sit down at the computer:

Stunningly conceived and exquisitely achieved, this rich historical fantasy portrays the Elizabethan court 30 years into the reign of the Virgin Queen, often called Gloriana. Far below ground, her dark counterpart, heartless Invidiana, rules England’s fae. Brennan (Warrior and Witch) pairs handsome young courtier Michael Deven, an aspiring agent under spymaster Sir Francis Walsingham, with bewitching fae Lune, who attempts to avoid Invidiana’s wrath by infiltrating Walsingham’s network in mortal guise. History and fantasy blend seamlessly as Deven and Lune tread their precarious tightropes between loyalty and betrayal. Brennan’s myriad fantastical creations ring as true as her ear for Elizabethan and faerie dialogue. With intriguing flashbacks to historical events and a cast of deftly drawn characters both real and imagined, Brennan fleshes out the primal conflict of love and honor pitted against raging ambition and lust for power in a glittering age when mortals could well be such fools as to sell their souls forever.

That, folks, is (I believe) my first-ever Publisher’s Weekly review.

It’s starred. And the at the top of the SF/F/H section, too. (Page down if you’re looking for it in context; there’s no way to link directly to that graf.)

(It also happens to be the thing I had to redact from my earlier post; I didn’t realize I wasn’t supposed to mention it until the review itself came out. But I only knew the review would be good; I didn’t know what it said until this morning.)

So, yeah. A very nice thing to wake up to. Paired, as it happens, with an e-mail from a super-sekrit individual planning a different kind of interview for Midnight Never Come, who also loved the book. Did somebody declare today Ego-Stroking Monday and not tell me?

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  1. wldhrsjen3

    w00t! That’s wonderful! (And I have to say, I have been looking forward to this book ever since I first saw you on LJ. I can’t wait!)

    • Marie Brennan

      After months’nmonths’nmonths of waiting and wondering if my book will ever be out — it’s suddenly starting to feel real.

  2. ckd


  3. kwaller

    Eeeeee!!! You’re STARRED! *glees*

    We get PW here at the office, and I believe that I am going to grab that particular issue and do a little happy dance with it. : )

  4. danielmc

    that is a good monday morning.

  5. squirrel_monkey

    Awesome, and congrats!

  6. unforth

    Yay! That’s AWESOME! Oh, and I can’t wait to read it!!! Yay!

  7. brian_ohio

    Holy Guacamole! That’s made of awesome. What a great review. Congratulations!

  8. catrambo

    That is just plain too awesome for words! Go you!

  9. kmousie

    Many, many congratulations! That’s just wonderful! *happy dance* Squee! You should definitely share it with your students.

    Happy Ego-Stroking Monday!

    • Marie Brennan

      Eh, I try not to seem like I’m using the class as a platform for my own writing. I mean, I talk about things I’ve written, because they’re examples I can discuss in detail — but I also talk about lots of examples that aren’t mine.

      • kmousie

        Well, I hope one of them finds the review and brings it up. 😀 I’m so, so happy for you!

        • Marie Brennan

          I know some of them have poked around my website, but I don’t know if any of them read this journal.

          <waves hi to any students who might be watching>

  10. ombriel

    Whoa, awesome! Congrats!

  11. wadam

    What a great review. Congratulations! If I couldn’t wait for the book before, such is really the case now.

  12. tybalt_quin

    Very many congratulations!

    :pointy dance of excellent review joy:

  13. wishwords

    Wow! What a fantastic review. Not only is it complimentary, it’s intelligent. Congratulations.

  14. matociquala


  15. sora_blue

    That is a stunning review. 🙂

  16. d_c_m

    YAY!!!!!!!!!!! *does happy shimmy*

  17. milbrcrsan

    Eh, I’m not surprised. You’re a fantastic writer after all. 😉 I figured you’d get a review that great, especially since you did all that research. :p

    But congrats on the awesome review! That must feel wonderful indeed! 😀

    • Marie Brennan

      But there’s a personal element in reviewing — something may just not be to the reviewer’s taste, and that will color their response. I can’t control that, no matter how hard I work on the story.

  18. m_stiefvater

    That is an AWESOME review and congrats — you must be through the roof.

  19. rj_anderson


    Huge amounts of congratulations!

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  21. Anonymous

    Funny, This was one of my favourites: it helped me survive school. I always adored Nan, but the older I got, the more I realised the heroes are Estelle and Nirupam. I think it is the book in which DWJ is clearest about what heroism is and isn’t.

  22. Anonymous

    Argh, I missed this post the first time! I was also meh on Great and Terrible Beauty, though I did read all three. I remember very little except that I didn’t devour them.

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