Monday morning countdown roundup

We’re in the home stretch for the U.S. release of Midnight Never Come.

June 9th, officially, but I know a handful of copies have already been sold in

various places around the country. If you send me a photo of the book on the

shelf between now and one week after the street date, I’ll enter your name in a

drawing for a special prize: a signed copy of Paradox #12, which contains my short

story “The Deaths of Christopher Marlowe.” (There’s absolutely no connection

between that story and this novel, aside from the time period, but you can have

fun imagining one for yourself.)

Also, those of you who prefer your novels in more portable format may be

interested to know that Fictionwise is advertising an e-book copy. I

wasn’t aware one was being issued, but apparently so.


If you were curious, yesterday’s post was an image of the promotional item my

publicist and I made for Midnight Never Come. It was sent to the

bookbuyers for stores in order to get them interested in the novel, and is, of

course, the thing for which I held the signature contest in February.

Want more? Why not try . . . <drum roll> . . . the website?

That’s right, folks: Orbit has put together a gorgeous website for the book.

Poke around and take a look at the goodies, and make sure you find the

semi-hidden link. It isn’t entirely finished yet; they’re doing a soft launch,

and will start rolling out the rest of the content on the 9th. If you come back

then, you’ll find a mini-game you can play, with some rather nice prizes to be



With the book out in the UK and soon to be out here, reviews have started to

surface. My favorite pull-quote has to be the tag line from SFX Magazine: “Like John Le Carre if

he was obsessed with faeries.” (Alas, the review is not available online,

though it may be eventually.) They liked it, and read it through a political

thriller lens, which I find interesting. Not sure I can live up to a comparison with Le Carre, but hey. Anyway, I figure I’ll do occasional review round-ups here, whenever I reach a critical mass.

Myfanwy Rodman at The Bookbag read it the same way, calling it “a

historical thriller with a fascinating twist,” though one that starts a bit slowly.

Darren Turpin at The Genre Files found it “a highly-enjoyable mix of

Elizabethan and faerie politics and intrigue.”


Hyland, the Book Swede (who interviewed me last month) read it as a love

story, and flatters me immensely by saying, “What sets Marie Brennan apart

[from similar stories], then, is the quality of her writing, the complexities of

her plot, the characterisations, the world-building… everything” — though he, too, felt it opened slowly.

Mark Yon at appreciated all my research, and didn’t find the romance as

off-putting as expected.

Elizabeth Bear

(aka matociquala), who has her own Elizabethan faerie novel

coming out next month, says of my characters that “These are not kinder,

gentler faeries. Really they’re not.”

Mervi Hamalainen at Curled

Up concurs, saying, “Midnight Never Come returns the fairies to their

roots: terrifying, alien, yet captivating at the same time.”

And finally, Debbie Chapman, a Waterstone’s bookseller, calls it “an amazing,

moving, murderous, magical tale.”


In other words, so far people are pretty much liking it.

(Except for Kirkus, of course.)

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  1. unforth

    I don’t have it on a book shelf, but I do have (more drum rolls…)
    this rather crappy shot of me holding my copy and I’m clearly standing IN a bookstore -since they called me and told me to come pick it up. Does that count? If it doesn’t, maybe I’ll wander back and see if they’ve put any on a shelf. 🙂

  2. aliettedb

    I broke down and ordered a UK copy from amazon, which apparently shipped this morning to my house. Only two more days 😉
    I’m looking forward to reading it; and I’ll do my best to post a blog review when I’m finished (I have another book I have to review first, so that one takes precedence…)

  3. d_c_m

    I will buy your book next week at B&N when I work. I can’t wait to read this. 🙂

    Hey, wanna do a book signing there?

  4. kendokamel

    How exciting!

    I totally forgot to pre-order, so I’ll be picking my copy up, once it starts appearing on the shelves. (:

  5. kwaller

    Just picked up a copy from the Harvard Book Store. It was one of the Featured Seventy.

    I took a crappy cell phone pic, but I don’t know if it’s worthwhile for me to send it in. : )

    • Marie Brennan

      Featured Seventy? I presume I know what that means, but I never noticed it before.

      And if you’re interested in reading the story, feel free to send it in; I’m not judging the pictures on their artistic merits. <g>

  6. kmousie

    Amazon told me my copy shipped today…I should have it on the 7th, I think. 🙂

  7. danielmc

    nice website.
    i look forward to it. probably by a copy in dallas.
    just cause.

    • bookswede

      Thanks for the link — sorry I didn’t send you an email saying I’d posted the review (tiredness is a excuse, I suppose, but not a good one!). 🙂

  8. Anonymous

    Did the apprentice get the princess?

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