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The application form is seventy-two pages long, and they require nine copies. These people want to know everything. They also want to make sure you aren’t doing this as a joke.


I am not the sort of person who habitually writes second-person present-tense stories about filling out application forms; in fact, most of my fiction is pretty mainstream as far as fantasy goes. So when I did write a second-person present-tense story about filling out an application form, my first thought upon its completion was “where the hell am I going to sell this?” The answer, I’m pleased to say, is Electric Velocipede. “Selection” was published in issue #13, in November 2007, and was reprinted in Down a Street That Wasn’t There.


I love Calvino and this choice in voice and some of the details in the story evoked his style and flair, while still remaining in Brennan’s voice and style of writing. […] In “Selection” she is again very good at being extremely detailed, yet in a particularly vague sort of way that pulled me all the way through the story wanting to know more about what she was telling me. And the end, well lets just say it made my ghoulish little heart leap for joy.

Rachel, My Very Own Blogetary