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My appalling thought for the day

Musing to myself this morning:

Yeah, I just really don’t like cooking. I don’t know what goes on in the heads of people who do like cooking, that makes them enjoy the process. I just get bored

People like Desperance probably think about writing while they’re cooking.

You know — kind of like how you think about writing while you’re driving, and because of that, you actually enjoy being in the car for an hour. Why can’t you do that while cooking?

Well, because I have to pay attention while I’m cooking. Whereas while I’m driving —


That didn’t come out right.

buh . . . but . . . WHY?

Just put in a DVD of a Japanese film (Ichi).

The music playing on the menu screen is a Japanese-language rendition* of “The Wind that Shakes the Barley.”

Just . . . what? The hell?

Aaaaand now it’s playing over the credits. I am very curious to see if the plot of the film somehow mirrors or makes use of the events in that song. (Minus, one presumes, the specific Irish context.)

Jesus! It doesn’t just sound like Lisa Gerrard, it is her voice!

Okay, I’ll stop live-blogging the movie’s musical choices now.

*I’m presuming that’s what they’re singing. Can’t understand the lyrics enough to be sure. The melody, however, is unmistakable.

What is *wrong* with me?

These days I tend not to set an alarm for myself, which means I get to wake up gradually and naturally, rather than being catapulted out of sleep.

During this process, my brain randomly wanders along various topics, which often include bits of writing. And sometimes it offers up interesting ideas.

But there’s “interesting,” and then there’s “ooh! i know! vivisection!”

. . . it’s even worse because that’s a good idea for its context. Kind of perfect, actually. But brain, please to be waiting on the vivisection-related suggestions until I’m more awake? Please?

more linkage

I’m on a cleaning-up roll around here, which means, among other things, closing down some browser tabs.

Fans of Jane Austen will either die laughing, or maybe just die from aneurysms.

If you review books on your site, Diana Pharaoh Francis has teamed up with the folks at Grasping for the Wind to put together a book reviewers database. Head over there for details; the gist is, they’re trying to collate sf/f/h review sites, the better to connect reviewers with publishers and authors, and vice versa.

Interesting thoughts from on how cities affect our brains. I’m sure the data’s being presented in a light designed to support the conclusions, but I still think there’s interesting info there, about stimulation and the effect of greenery on our mental states.

Sunset on Mars. I looked at it, thought “meh,” then realized I was judging it against sunset photos, with all their colorful glory. This isn’t about colorful glory; it’s about SUNSET on MARS. omgawesome. I never knew that Martian sunsets were blue.

Also, Flycon. Still in the planning stages, but the idea is that it’ll be an online convention, with panel discussions and so on. An interesting experiment, and I’m planning to participate.

I think that’s it for now.

for a few of you

Most of you can disregard this. Or rather, follow the link and marvel at the existence of a recipe for apple dumplings that involves Mountain Dew. (Apparently the result is fabulously tasty. We may try it at some point.)

But the real purpose of this post is for the old Changeling folk.

Check out the top of the left-hand column on this page.

If you need me, I’ll be having an aneurysm in the corner.

your question for the day

Why is my brain so messed up?

Why, as I was toasting frozen waffles, did it randomly start trying to map Jesus and King Arthur onto each other? Why did it start trying to work up a Sekrit Truth of Jesus wherein Mary Magdalene was in the Guinevere role and Judas was probably Lancelot unless he was Mordred or maybe both?

What is wrong with my brain?