What is *wrong* with me?

These days I tend not to set an alarm for myself, which means I get to wake up gradually and naturally, rather than being catapulted out of sleep.

During this process, my brain randomly wanders along various topics, which often include bits of writing. And sometimes it offers up interesting ideas.

But there’s “interesting,” and then there’s “ooh! i know! vivisection!”

. . . it’s even worse because that’s a good idea for its context. Kind of perfect, actually. But brain, please to be waiting on the vivisection-related suggestions until I’m more awake? Please?

0 Responses to “What is *wrong* with me?”

  1. daobear

    If your brain wants vivisection, I say run with it. I wonder if OSC had moments like that while writing Speaker for the Dead.

  2. moonandserpent

    But there’s “interesting,” and then there’s “ooh! i know! vivisection!”

    I’m very proud of you. Vivisection is a great way to start the day!

  3. chrisondra

    It’s that place between sleep and wakefulness that, somehow, gives you answers that you wouldn’t necessarily expect. Poe always thought that that state of conscious was the truest state.

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