at least I’m not oddsboy-level curious

Reaching for the milk this morning, I found myself wondering what it would taste like if you made oatmeal with eggnog instead.

Part of my brain is still eight years old, and a mad scientist in the kitchen.

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  1. d_c_m

    And I think that eight year old mad scientist has a GREAT idea!! I think it sounds fantastic! If only I had some egg nog here at work……

  2. alpheratz

    I am pretty sure deliciousness would happen.

  3. la_marquise_de_

    Alcohol muesli omelette?

  4. moonandserpent

    Well, it’s awesome with chocolate milk, at least…

  5. wshaffer

    So how did it turn out? (Or did you satisfy your mad scientist with merely wondering?)

    I’ve made oatmeal custard before, cooking the oatmeal with an egg beaten into milk with some cinnamon. Add some nutmeg and (optional) booze, and that’s not too far from eggnog.

  6. gollumgollum

    would have done it with eggnog, oatmeal and worcestershire sauce, so yes. Good thing you’re not that level of curious.

    • Marie Brennan

      Really, it was the Oreos-and-ranch-dip incident that cemented forever in my mind the following axiom:

      You do not want to be that curious.

      • gollumgollum

        Whereas i will never fail to shudder when i hear the words “Stinky Englishman.”

        • Marie Brennan

          . . .

          . . . . . .

          . . . I think I heard that story one time, and promptly bleached it out of my brain, and really don’t want it back.

          • gollumgollum

            I make tell people that story because it’s a really fascinating look into the way his brain works.

            And it makes them ill.

          • Marie Brennan

            “Curiosity unfettered by common sense” — that’s how I describe him to people.

            Because really. Some things, you shouldn’t have to try to know they’ll be bad.

          • gollumgollum

            But now we have confirmation! He serves as a warning to us all!

          • oddsboy

            I’m like Jesus that way! And really, half these stories are only, like, 20% curiosity but 80% easily bored and 15% ADD with a 10% of anxiety-as-fuel. Boo ya!

  7. stormsdotter

    I tried making French Toast with eggnog last year, and it failed hard core. The eggnog and egg mixture was too thick and didn’t fry properly.

    Actually, I need to find a recipe for eggnog; now that I’m lactose intolerant I need to make no with goat’s milk.

    • Marie Brennan

      Yeah, that’s what I’m wondering — whether the nog would be too thick to really absorb into the oatmeal.

      • warriorofworry

        I’m ashamed to tell you that it’s really good, and the eggnog I used wasn’t too thick (Dean’s).
        (I hate running out of milk, and coffee always comes first!)

    • drydem

      I would recommend trying out Soy Nog. The soy nogs on the market now are surprisingly tasty.

  8. oddsboy

    Yes! One of us, one of us! And then just douse it in a liberal splash of whiskey and you’re on your way to a hell of a breakfast. The real question is do you still have your Eggs Benedict on the side…

  9. jennifergale


    My 6 yo put eggnog in her cereal. She is conducting cereal trials under the correct assumption that not all cereals taste good with eggnog. She hasn’t discovered that one conducts such experiments upon younger siblings first…

  10. fleurlb

    This morning, instead of sugar, I put two pieces of chocolate and caramel candy in my oatmeal. It was really good, since the chocolate melted all nice.

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