Next collection: The Nine Lands!

For some time now, as I assemble sufficient quantities around relatively focused themes, I’ve been collecting my short fiction into ebooks: Maps to Nowhere for secondary world fantasy and Ars Historica for historical fiction, and then the much smaller Never After and Monstrous Beauty for two different twisted approaches to fairy tales, the latter taking a darker tone than the former.

Now I can add The Nine Lands to that list! This is also secondary world fantasy, but unlike Maps to Nowhere, all of the stories take place within the same world: the eponymous Nine Lands, the first properly fleshed-out setting I ever created. Many of the pieces in this collection are “firsts” of one kind or another for me: first good short story I ever wrote (that form did not come naturally to me), first story to earn me money, first story I ever sold. Because of that, I decided to commission my friend Avery Liell-Kok to take my ugly scribble map and turn it into the beautiful thing you see here:

THE NINE LANDS by Marie Brennan

The book will come out on November 19th, but you can pre-order it now at Barnes and Noble, Google Play, iTunes, Kobo, or Amazon US or UK — or wait until the 19th and buy it directly from the publisher, Book View Cafe.

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