Wheel of Time Index Post

I’m putting this together now rather than after I’m done with the whole shebang because people (myself included) may want to look back at some of the previous entries before the last ones appear.

I will, of course, update it with the final links as they happen. So if you want something to bookmark, this is one to keep.

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  1. Anonymous

    Lots of books!

  2. Angela

    This is amazing. (And after nearly damaging the living room wall with a very large book while yelling THE FUCKING HORSE, it was *really* cathartic to read your reaction.)

    I’m trying to find something I read a while ago about WoT women, specifically, the way that female forsaken get tortured, enslaved, etc., that they tend to suffer long downfalls and physical torture/humiliation (like all the other women in the books), while male forsaken are killed at the height of their power, and even when brought back with less prestige, they don’t suffer the way that the women do.

    I could have sworn that it was *you* who wrote that, but apparently not? So I was kinda sorta hoping that maybe you’d have read it, too, and know who wrote it?

    • swantower

      Hmmm, no — that wasn’t my post, and I don’t think I read anything like that.

      It’s an interesting point. My first instinct was to say it wasn’t that accurate; Moghedien gets captured and tortured by the good guys and Lanfear/Cyndane by the bad guys, but the other three don’t, right? Then I thought about it some more and remembered that Graendal ends up with her mind obliterated and Mesaana gets collared (though I can’t remember what happens to her after she leaves the dream). Asmodean’s made a prisoner, but it’s definitely true that he doesn’t get mistreated in the way the women do. On the other hand, I’ll say in defense of the female Forsaken that pound for pound, they tend to be more effective than their male counterparts: Semirhage inflicts more pain on Rand than pretty much anybody else (and gets nuked at the height of her triumph, without being brought low), Graendal single-handedly almost destroys their military strategy, Mesaana wreaks havoc from inside the Tower, and Lanfear redeems her early lameness with a last-minute deception that’s pretty damn effective. Demandred and Moridin are the only guys who stand out in my mind as being equally good threats: most of the men go down at the height of their power, yes, but they aren’t all that memorable along the way.

      So it’s a mixed bag, I guess.

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