End as you began


When I set out to do my Wheel of Time re-read and analysis, I based my schedule on the projected release date of the final book. But I have enough experience with this series that I knew better than to assume it would come out as planned in November 2011, so I deliberately aimed to overshoot that date.

Well, I didn’t overshoot by enough. As Sanderson says in the above post, the new date for A Memory of Light is January 2013. We were doing so well, right up until the end . . . but of course this series has to end with a massive delay. Because that’s how it goes.

This means I need to think about how I want to handle my posts for The Gathering Storm (which I’ve been meaning to do for, well, months now) and Towers of Midnight. I don’t want to lose every bit of momentum I had with this blog series, but I also don’t want to be left waiting for nine months or more before the final book. (However fitting that might be.) If I’d known there would be this large of a delay, I would have started stretching things out last summer — but too late for that now.

What’s likely is that I will do two posts for TGS, one that’s pure reader-reaction (what I think of various plot developments), and one that’s analysis. Then I’ll do the same for ToM, in the latter half of this year. But I’m open to other suggestions, too: should I post about “The Strike at Shayol Ghul”? Or the companion book? How should I kill time until this thing is finally done?

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  1. Anonymous

    what shall i say? i guess just that i can’t WAIT for your posts. i’m probably looking forward to them more than AMoL, unfortunately for Brandon Sanderson.

  2. Anonymous

    While I can’t say I didn’t groan at the announcement, the tone of some people’s comments is really, really awful. I hate waiting for books, too, but, you know, this is kind of a big deal, and I don’t blame Harriet for being very anxious about getting it right. This was her husband’s life’s work, with millions of fans to try to satisfy; it’s daunting just thinking about, and with the very… vocal fanbase, even more so. If she wants to take as much time as possible to give us the best book possible, I say kudos and huzzah to her. Considering how snippy people got about all the typos and such in the past, you’d think they’d be excited that they’ll have lots of time for proofreading!

    • Marie Brennan

      I haven’t been following the responses; I only read Sanderson’s post and (once it loaded) the one on Tor.com. I shouldn’t be surprised that people are acting like jerks, though. <sigh>

  3. green_knight

    There’s the Atlas – The Worlds of Robert Jordan. You could read that and talk about maps in Fantasy, whether having a companion volume enhances your reading of the series,

    If you’re really desperate, I’m happy to do a guest post from a geographer’s point of view – the stories I can find in the maps without knowing the books at all, and what I can learn about the worldbuilding from them.

    • Marie Brennan

      Yeah, I think the atlas and the companion book are the same thing — but do correct me if I’m wrong.

      I wonder if I still have it back at my parents’ house?

      And I may indeed take you up on the guest-post thing. It seems to me like the best course of action would be to do side posts now — aside from the companion book, I just remembered I’ve been meaning to do one on how Jordan uses prophecy — so as to get all the posts on the Sanderson books a bit closer together.

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