observations from tonight’s round of letter-writing

1) I should have written Irrith’s letter after Delphia’s. She’s a terrible influence on my attempts at nice handwriting. 🙂

2) Re-reading bits of the books to get myself back in the heads of the characters . . . and you know what? I still like them. Quite a lot.

3) Certain songs from the book soundtracks still get me right in the gut. (Particularly “The Monument,” from A Star Shall Fall. But others, too.)

4) I really, really need to write that short story about Edward Thorne. Though I should decide which I want more: for it to be from his point of view, or for it to be the Sir Peregrin and Dame Segraine Buddy-Cop Extravaganza. (The two are, alas, mutually exclusive.)

5) Ditto “This Living Hand,” aka the Story About the Willow Tree What Killed All the Romantic Poets.

6) Although I do love my new series, and my new protagonist . . . I miss the Onyx Court.

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  1. bookblather

    BUDDY-COP EXTRAVAGANZA. Yes please do want. 😀 And by romantic poets, do we mean Byron and Shelly and the like? ‘Cause… I’m kind of okay with them dying. Can it get Casanova too?

    • Marie Brennan

      Yes — Keats, Byron, Shelley, and Blake all kicked the bucket within six years of each other, and most of them at a fairly young age. And Coleridge got addicted to opium, which caused his poetic output to drop off radically. Tim Powers already did something with that in The Stress of Her Regard, but I’ve got my own version, too.

  2. wshaffer

    Re: 4. Sir Peregrin and Dame Segraine Buddy-Cop Extravaganza!!!!

    Re: 6. I have been taking an rather long time to finish reading Midnight Never Come, partly because work has been trying to eat my brain, but partly because I kind of don’t want the series to be over.

    • Marie Brennan

      I kind of knew, when I phrased it that way, which one I was leading people to vote for. <g>

      • wshaffer

        Er, where I said Midnight Never Comein my previous comment, please read With Fate Conspire. I did read the series out of order, but I did not, in fact, read it back to front. Not that that wouldn’t have been appropriate in some ways.

        Sheesh, I should not have been allowed onto the internets today…

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