fun facts to know and tell

The Monument to the Great Fire of London — which started in a baker’s house — was the site of six suicides between 1788 to 1842 (when they enclosed the gallery to stop people jumping off).

Two were bakers, and one was the daughter of a baker.

Maybe someday I’ll write a short story about the vengeful faerie who went around trying to provoke bakers into suicide because Farynor didn’t sweep his damn floor.

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  1. sacredchao23

    “Two were bakers, and one was the daughter of a baker,”

    wow that is relatively poetic I suppose. I’m still amazed (and amused as a lapsed, quasi-pagan Catholic) by the addition of the motto: “but Popish frenzy, which wrought such horrors, is not yet quenched.”

    By the way, I’m about forty pages from the end of Midnight Never Come and am really enjoying it. My wife is reading it next.

  2. claripup

    write it, write it!! It would be fun… but also strange 🙂

  3. shui_long

    Charles Pearson, the City Solicitor – who was one of the chief promoters of something which will probably be a major threat to the Onyx Court next year – was responsible for having the anti-Catholic inscription removed from the Monument in 1831.

    • sacredchao23

      I knew it was removed in the 19th century, though not when and by who. Makes sense what with the disestablishment of Anglican Bishoprics in Ireland around the time. And having just finished Midnight Never Come I think I can understand what that threat might be.

  4. ailaes

    Somewhat related…

    …I now have my copy of Ashes and reading will commence shortly.

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