All is right with the world.

Last night I stayed up late writing, and today I slept until late in the morning, and a week after returning home, I am finally back to my normal self. All is right with the world.

So it seems a good time for more linky. First up, another Mind Meld:

Many world-building science fiction and fantasy writers get their inspiration from real-life places. What real-life city seems the most fantastical or science fictional to you?

I of course start out by saying London, but use that as a jumping-off point for talking about what makes a place fantastical or science fictional to me.

Next, an interview I meant to link days ago, but was slapped down by brief illness: Lobster and Canary (not remotely to be confused with Cat and Muse), where I am interviewed by a fellow Harvard folk&mythie — though not one from my own time there. (Also, if you missed it during LJ’s problems last Friday, I point you once more at the interview with Alma Alexander.)

Third — because I might as well just make this a post of miscellanea — something I missed during LJ’s problems last Friday, putting me well behind the train when I finally saw it come through, but Catherynne Valente has posted the first chapter of The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making, which is utterly delightful. There will be new chapters every Monday, and there is a story behind why she’s conducting the project this way.

Fourth — utter silliness — “Total Eclipse of the Heart,” literalized, in case there’s anybody left on the planet who hasn’t seen it already. Basically, what if the lyrics to a song actually described what was happening in the music video?

Fifth, a cute poem explaining the whole Schroedinger’s Cat thing.

I have one more thing open in my browser that needs linky, but it needs more serious linky than this, so I’ll save it for now. Ladies and gents, as I startled my husband by loudly declaring to what I thought was an empty house, I’m finally back! I feel like myself again.

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  1. laceymcbain


    I had never seen the Bonnie Tyler literal video thing. That was the funniest thing I’ve seen all week. LOL. Thank you so much!!

  2. dynix

    Hi! Stumbled across your journal by accident and loved some of the links in this post, so I’m friending you in the hopes of catching more:)
    Hope you’re having a lovely day!

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