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Important one first: John Klima of Electric Velocipede is looking to move some stock and help out his finances to boot. Head on over there to see what’s on offer — back issues of EV, plus chapbooks. If you’re looking for my fiction, issue #13 is the one you want; that has “Selection,” which might very well be the oddest short story I’ve ever written. It also has Rachel Swirsky’s excellent “How the World Became Quiet: A Post-Human Creation Myth,” which I suspect some of you would really dig. (If you perked up at the word “post-human,” then yes, I mean you.)

Sillier, but very true: a rant against Strunk and White’s The Elements of Style. I’ve become more jaundiced about that book over time, so it’s good to see my jaundice backed up with some evidence.

And a distinct moment of oddity: someone on Amazon claims to be selling a copy of In Ashes Lie for the low, low price of $1,000 dollars. Yes, that’s a comma, not a decimal point (and yes, that’s American-style notation). No, I have no idea what’s up with that. Even if they’ve gotten ahold of an early copy, a thousand bucks??? WTF, mate.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled whatever you’ve been doing.

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  1. chrisondra

    ::laughs:: And the book is in “Used – Very Good” condition? That is funny. I think I’ll wait the couple months!

  2. la_marquise_de_

    You need to pop over to about that Amazon seller, as he seems to have form and she has more info on him.

  3. wishwords

    The Strunk & White link requires a $40 subscription.

    • Marie Brennan

      Dangit — this is what I get for leaving that tab open for days before posting about it. :-/ The piece was free when I first read it.

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