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Small bit first, since otherwise it will vanish next to the other news: Shroud Magazine has purchased my twisted fairy-tale retelling “Tower in Moonlight.” (This is part of the ongoing set that includes “The Wood, the Bridge, the House”, “Shadows’ Bride,”, and “Kiss of Life.”)


Much bigger bits, relating to In Ashes Lie:

I actually meant to post this days ago, but it clean slipped my mind — the Science Fiction Book Club has picked it up as a main selection, as with Midnight Never Come, so those of you who got the last book in hardcover can do so with this one, too.

For the other bit, you’ll have to look behind the cut . . .

It’s taken me until now to get a postable image of the cover; sorry for the long wait. But there ya go — now you know what it looks like. Roll on, June!

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  1. jimhines

    Great news all around! Congrats!!!

  2. thespisgeoff

    That’s apocalyptically gorgeous.

  3. dsgood


  4. gollumgollum

    Nice parallels to MNC. I dig the way that they’re obviously related, yet still very different covers for very different (yet obviously related) books.

    <sings>Iiiiii don’t! need! to! walkaroundincircles, walkaroundincircles walkaroundinnnnn…</sings>

  5. frost_light

    Congrats on all the above!

  6. therinth

    That is gorgeous 😀

  7. calico_reaction

    Lovely! I’m really enjoying how nicely these covers match! 🙂

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