my brain = sieve!

I meant to post this on Thursday. That tells you something of the state of my brain. (Hey, at least it didn’t fall by the wayside straight into 2009 . . . which some other things in my inbox are in danger of doing.)

If you have not much time for reading, but you do have time for podcasts, check out Beneath Ceaseless Skies‘ audio department. You can download individual stories — including, oh, say, “Kingspeaker,” which went up on (you guessed it) Thursday — or subscribe to the RSS feed, or get updates via iTunes. Instructions for those methods are behind that first link.

Now I’m going to go put on some music. Because while it amuses me that my mental stereo put on the Hallelujah Chorus when my editor told me she liked the revisions I did on Ashes, I’d like something different now.

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