The sky is falling! Again!

cover art for A STAR SHALL FALL by Marie Brennan, showing a dragon silhouette in a fiery sky as meteors streak over St. Paul's Cathedral

After two years out of print, I am delighted to say that A Star Shall Fall is back in print! And I do mean print; at that link you will find both ebook and paperback editions. Faeries, dragons, English history, Halley’s Comet . . . I have to say, it’s been delightful revisiting my old haunts to prepare this edition.

With Fate Conspire will follow in May, and then the set will be complete once more!

2 Responses to “The sky is falling! Again!”

  1. Anthony Docimo

    Will be looking for this at Barnes&Noble – I think I found your _Five Rings_ book there too.

    • swantower

      It may well not be stocked in the store — this is a self-pub reprint, not through a trade publisher, so that very much decreases the odds that they’ll have it on the shelf. But they should be able to order it for you.

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