Another SMT sale!

Signing a contract makes a thing official, right? Right! I am delighted to say I’ll have another story in Sunday Morning Transport: “At the Heart of Each Pearl Lies a Grain of Sand,” based on a tale out of the Thousand and One Nights. It will be out some time next year!

And while I’m at it, I should mention that you can read some of SMT’s stories for free — I believe the pattern is that the first story each month is publicly available, and then the remainder (one per week, on Sunday, as you might suspect), are paywalled. As my contributor status means I get a subscription, I can vouch for them publishing a fantastic range of SF/F; if you have not checked them out yet, go take a look!

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  1. Anthony Docimo


  2. Jeremy Brett

    A story from you AND it’s in SMT! The greatest news possible, Marie!

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