The Waking of Angantyr!

You may have noticed that I have no novels coming out this year. That is because 2021 was, through an accident of scheduling, the Year of Three Books . . . or rather I should say a Year of Three Books, because in 2023, I’m doing it again.

Yep, folks: in addition to Labyrinth’s Heart and The Game of 100 Candles, next year will also see the publication of the bastard child of my college thesis, a standalone Viking revenge epic called The Waking of Angantyr. Long-time readers may recall that I wrote a short story by the same name; the story is based on a very cool Old Norse poem, and the novel is based on me being terribly disappointed by the saga the poem is found in. 😛

I’ll post more about that later. For now, the thing to know is that the book will be coming out on October 10th of next year from Titan Books in the UK — I’ll also post more when I know for sure what the U.S. situation will be (that’s currently up in the air).

It’s going to be a busy year!

5 Responses to “The Waking of Angantyr!”

  1. Jeremy Brett


  2. Anthony Docimo

    Congratulations on three trifecta of publication. Looking forwards to reading them.

  3. Anthony Docimo

    A question – given that she’s talking to dead people, and the people she wanted revenge against are dead…were any of the people she wished revenge against, any of the dead from whom she demanded the sword? Would that (making them give up a sword) have qualified as revenge?

    apologies if its a dumb question.

    again, congrats.

    • swantower

      Not a dumb question! She wants revenge against the pair that killed all the dead guys she’s talking to; of those two, one died of his wounds shortly afterward, and the other wandered off to have his own saga that has nothing to do with her or any of the people in this one.

      • Anthony Docimo

        Ahh, so Sir Not Appearing In This Film strikes again. 😀

        thank you.

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