Let’s have a giveaway!

I’ve got all these copies of Cold-Forged Flame sitting around, and I’ve got a conundrum I’ve been stuck on for, uh, more than a year.

So, in the great tradition of the game Unexploded Cow, let’s use the one problem to solve the other!

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to suggest to me a title that would be suitable for a collection of my secondary-world fantasy short stories. I know I don’t want to call it “[Reasonably Well-Known Item from the Table of Contents] and Other Stories”; I know that every quotation I’ve unearthed and phrase I’ve come up with that implies secondary-world-ness sounds trite; I know that I’m perfectly willing to use a random evocative-sounding phrase, but I haven’t thought of one I like for this purpose. Therefore I put it to you, the Great Internets, to help me figure out what to call a collection that will probably be putting out in 2017.

You have one week: from now until this time next Tuesday (or Wednesday, if you’re on that side of the planet), suggest titles to me. You can suggest more than one. You can suggest them on any version of this post, on Twitter, or by email. I will take them all into account. If I choose your title, you get a signed copy of Cold-Forged Flame! If I don’t find a title that clicks, I will choose one recipient at random! If I choose a title from someone who already has a copy of Cold-Forged Flame, I’ll choose a recipient at random anyway!

Lay ’em on me! Because I am well and truly stuck. >_<

11 Responses to “Let’s have a giveaway!”

  1. Jane Nicholson

    Horn Calls

  2. Nick Maclaren

    Breaking the Hills

    While that’s a literary reference, it’s pretty obscure. Puck of Pook’s Hill. Most of the hill references sound trite, I agree.

  3. Darrell

    Burnished Portcullis of Faraway Doom

  4. Robert

    Whispers of Forsaken Tomorrows

  5. Victoria

    In a certain realm, in a certain land

  6. Robert

    Drumbeats and Incantations of Hope

    A Whisper of Strange Voices

    Voices of Mist, Hands of Iron

  7. Jane Nicholson

    Wide Open Spaces

  8. Nick Maclaren

    Reflections Through A Lens
    The Obsidian Speculum
    Transforms Of The Truth

  9. Rebecca


  10. Robert

    Feathers of the Jade Raven

    Over the Barrow and Fae Away

    Of Dragon Teeth and Gossamer Wing

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