I neglected to mention this on the release date, but: A Natural History of Dragons is out in French! (Or rather, Une histoire naturelle des dragons.) That makes the first translation to hit the shelves, though there are others in progress.

As it is now four weeks to the release of In the Labyrinth of Drakes, it seems a prime time for an ARC giveaway! All you have to do is tell me — in comments, by email, or on Twitter — who your favorite character from the series is, OTHER than Isabella. (Ruling her out because, judging by the fanmail I get, she’d be 90% of the answers.) Deadline is noon PST tomorrow; I’ll pick a winner at random and ship out the ARC.

4 Responses to “Win an ARC of IN THE LABYRINTH OF DRAKES!”

  1. Lynne McAnulty-Street

    I believe Jacob is the character I want to watch…the growing lad should offer much in the series’ future

    I’d Love to have another Swan Tower among my reviews!

  2. Sharmin Karim


  3. PS

    Little Jacob, for sure!

  4. Elizabeth

    I’d say the husband, Jacob, in regards to the first book since he allowed Isabell to do things no other husband at the time would have, but after reading the next two I’d say the son, Jacob. I’m interested in what will become of him.

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