Four! It’s a miracle.

Wow. This may be the ugliest first draft I’ve produced in ages . . . but it’s a draft, and a draft is fixable. Much more so than a story that doesn’t actually exist.

No title. It’s the Catherine Rochester story, for the tiny number of people who know who Catherine Rochester was. Though about all it has in common with the original character by that name is, well, the name, plus shapeshifting, undercover work, and the world’s worst identity crisis. (I made it much worse this time around. In fact, that’s the core of what the story is about.)

Four short stories in the last four months. It’s like I’m an actual short story writer again.

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  1. landofnowhere

    I don’t know who she is, but the name sounds like Bronte crossover fanfic.

  2. Anonymous

    I’ve been reading Forster’s narrative of Cook’s second voyage recently. It’s 18C of course, but that and Cook’s narrative would be obvious sources for first/early contact descriptions of South Seas islands & their inhabitants. This edition is nice if you can get it from the library — it has illustrations & photos!

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