Deeds of Men, redux

Some of you may recall that years ago, just before In Ashes Lie came out, I released a novella called Deeds of Men, which took place before that novel and after Midnight Never Come. It was originally a promotional freebie, but after a while I took down the free version and put it on sale at Amazon, mostly as a random experiment — I knew zip about ebooks at the time. Despite that ignorance (which included things like me not bothering to give it a proper cover), it’s sold some copies over the years, though not a huge number.

Now that I’m a member of Book View Cafe, I decided to do it over again, this time the right way. It has a spiffy-looking cover, courtesy of Chris Rawlins and Leah Cutter, and some revisions (most of them minor; one correcting a narrative choice I’ve regretted ever since I released the novella), and this time it got formatted by somebody who knows what he’s doing (the inestimable Chris Dolley). That link will take you to the BVC site, where you can buy it in epub and mobi formats, good for most e-reading devices, Kindle included. It’s also up on Amazon, and should be live on the B&N and Kobo sites in the next day or so.

A special note about Kindles: if you already bought the novella from Amazon, I think, though I’m not certain, that you should be able to download the new version as an update, without having to pay for it again. I’d love to have that confirmed, so if you’re in that camp, please let me know.

For those who are wondering, the story does contain some spoilers for Midnight Never Come, though only of an aftermath-y sort — it doesn’t say what happened, just shows the characters where they are as a result. Otherwise it’s only really full of spoilers for early seventeenth-century European politics. 😛

And stay tuned for more news in the next few days, about what I’m doing next with BVC . . . .

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  1. la_marquise_de_

    Yay! I have already gone over to BVC and bought it.

  2. Marie Brennan

    Hmmmm — I don’t actually know if the ASIN changed or not. I updated the files for the existing “project” rather than starting a new one, so I would hope the ASIN stayed the same?

  3. Marie Brennan

    There are no truly major changes. Apart from minor tweaks to the sentences, the only significant change is removing the lines where Deven thinks about how Lune may someday fall in love again. When I originally wrote that, I was reacting against the trope that you only can ever really love one person in your life, but later on I decided that (while I still dislike that trope for humans), it should be true for faeries.

    So you don’t need to purchase it again, unless you really want the nice cover and all. I still have the old file, if all you want is to keep that one on hand.

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