It took me substantially longer than expected (the last scene was an absolute bear to write), but I just finished “To Rise No More.”

Needs revision, of course, but right now, that doesn’t matter. What matters is that I’ve managed to write a short story! And not even one that was spoken for before I wrote it. The last seven things I wrote sold on their first trip out the door, because they were either solicited by editors or very nearly so, i.e. I knew that if I wrote them, then so-and-so was extremely likely to buy the result. Which isn’t a bad position to be in, of course — but it’s less good when you have to use that as a motivation to actually get the thing done. This one, I wrote because I wanted to.

Hopefully somebody will buy the result. 🙂

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  1. aliettedb

    Yay short story!

  2. samedietc

    Congrats on finishing the story!

    Actually, I was just about to ask you what your usual process is for writing short stories. Outlines? Giving drafts to friends to read? Writing in Scrivener, Word, Google docs? Etc., etc. If you have time to talk process, I’d be very curious to hear your thoughts.

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