time for more dragons!

But first, a reminder: only a few days left to get a letter from Lady Trent. (If you’ve already written to her, the reply will be on its way shortly — I delayed a little bit in order to get something cool to include with the note.)


New interview at The Adventures of Cecelia Bedelia, another interview at Short and Sweet Book Reviews, and a guest post at Head Stuck in a Book. There were supposed to be a couple of others, too, but the scheduling of those appears to have gone astray.


I do, however, have my usual biweekly post up at BVC: “It happened to my cousin’s best friend’s roommate,” wherein I discuss legends. Comment over there!

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  1. Anonymous

    It’s not a question of lines or shape, it’s a question of autonomy.

    Or it’s a question of not buying garments that don’t have pockets in them. Really, it’s possible. I categorically refuse to buy pants or jackets without nice, deep, practical pockets, and I am generally not naked.

    If everything left on the racks at the end of the season were pocketless, even fashion designers would eventually figure it out.

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